вторник, 5 апреля 2011 г.

Xoxo themed conversations

In my short life I have been to quite a number of conferences/camps. After saying goodbyes and promising everybody to constantly stay in touch, so that at age 50+ we could share happy memories of many years ago, i am always interested to see who will, in fact, write or skype. Will it be the cute guy or the amazing girly that we hung out with? Or will it be the creep that stalked me?

This year, however, i was pleasantly surprised. Yes, all the people i miss the most stay in touch. So did some of the people i hardly ever spoke to. And you know what's the most unexpected? The fact that letters from these people are more delightful than some of the messages from my buddies.

Don't take me wrong, i love my friends and i love the conversations we have. Only when you talk with a far-distance friend during facebook chat, the conversation seems to lean towards the cheesy "love you, miss you, kiss you xoxoxoxo" . Again, i do miss my friends. I miss the fun times we had, i miss the thought-provoking topics we discussed. I must give credit where needed though, coming up with new ways to say the same things does indeed strain my mind.

Talking to an acquaintance is different. You shared somethings together, so you know each other a liitle bit, but you have not reached the actual friends stage. When you talk, there is no need to constantly add <3 simply because you wont be fooling anyone. Ergo, the conversation either dies or moves into a broad subject to be discussed. This is what i like. I like reading emails that make me think. That make me recall some memories in order to tie them up with something else. That make me question my opinions and standards. That have a concept to them. Letters that have a purpose. And a good one.

  P.S. I do love my friends, only i had to get this out. I'm sure there are others who share my opinion

P.P.S. if you have any original ways to tell a friend the standard "love you", please, do tell me. I'm running low on ideas.

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