среда, 8 декабря 2010 г.

First one)

Very first post! This is a big moment i guess. I do have a blog in russian (lhttp://random-camomile.livejournal.com/ for those who are interested), but Russian is my native language, so it makes it easier. But we'll see what happenes))

I  have a weird obsession with flowers latley, so i will call you, my non existent readers, flowers. It'll be my thing. Just like Toby Turner calls his followers - audience.

So, Flowers, as i've mentioned, i live in Russia, Moscow. Many of you probably think of bears, snow and vodka right away. Not completely accurate, tulips. To give you a better idea of what it's like, here are some pictures.

So, when you think Moscow, Russia you probably think this:
 true. This is how winter is. Cold, snow, traffic jams. Grhhhh. Not nice at all, roses.
What else? Gloomy and wet?
 Also correct. From November through March most day are like that. But the summer you get tons of sun. And Moscow is very pretty then.
 As you may have guessed, not many live in building like that. What you see above is Moscow City (most have taken soooo long to come up with a good name). No, Poppies, most of us live in houses like this.

I think they're nice.
With a population of 10,563,038 (thats the official version, in reality it's aroun 16million) the streets rarely look like this:

 and uusually you get a gazillion of babyshkas (russian grandmas) on the bus stop.
But i love Moscow. What's not to love? Marina thinks so too)

bye, bye flowers!