суббота, 5 февраля 2011 г.

A musical addiction

I must first start by apologizing for the lack of any material in this blog. The statistics actually tell me that some people did check out my first post, I almost feel bad for ignoring my lovely flowers. Sorry =)

As the title indicates, I'm obsessed with music.
 When i feel down, there is always a song that explains all my feelings perfectly. Worse. I actually know the exact song.
 I also think conversations via songs are cute.
There is no particular style of music i like. My phone (yes, unlike 95% of the world i dont own any Apple products. And actually proud of it), as i was saying, my phone has everything, i wont even go into names. 
But way more impressive are my online collections of music.Sites like http://listen.grooveshark.com/ and http://wearehunted.com/ are paradise for me. Grooveshark is more main-stream, WeAreHunted is an amazing indie/upcoming source.  
Why am I boring you with this useless info? Just because today was a Saturday with nothing else to do, but explore the Internet where i discovered 50+ songs i love and i had to share what j'adore....whoever you are.....

Love, Peace and Snow


P.S. While i was writing this i listened to:

Yes, it actually took me that long to write this small post. Go ahead, judge me, i want you to.