понедельник, 4 апреля 2011 г.

Let's get a bit more serious

I know that when i originally started this blog  I intended it to be a fashion/life style inspiration source for my readers. Now that a few months have past and only 2 posts were written, it became obvious to me that i am failing my initial task.

To be honest, i most likely would not have even written anything here today if it hadn't been for this article i read.

One of the points the author stresses is Writing. A college student needs to master the art of writing to be successful in his studies. Being able to present one's thoughts in a manner that others can understand is of course very important in university.

Now, i never had any problems expressing my thoughts and ideas in school. My teachers always commented on my ability to say what i want to say correctly and interestingly. Technically, i have already mastered the skill. No worries there. A crucially important point escaped my mind though: I'm going to an American university in California. Right now I'm studying in Russia. Using the Russian language.  I think it is rather clear what my issue might be. The longest paper i ever had to write in English was a critique on the school facilities. For English class. They actually gave us the phrases to use and limited to 120 words.
When I think about it, this is definitely not good preparation for 10 page essays on whatever topic a professor might will give me.

Luckily, the article has a good suggestion on how to develop writing skills. The suggestion is very basic - write everyday. This is where you, my dear online blog with no readers, come in. I know that many people are doing BEDM right now. Blog Every Day of the Month. I figured i could join them. Yes, admittedly, i am 4 days late, but they will forgive me, no doubt.

So, this is the main point.

For the rest of April I want to write here every-stinking-day. I do not promise the posts to be uber-entertaining. Nor will they be very informative. But this will give me practice.

Thank you

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