суббота, 6 октября 2012 г.

A Small Blurb From Hurt

Realizing that your friends have moved on and left you is shocking. The natural human reaction is to use anger as a shield to hide the hurt, to try to inflict as much pain onto those people. This seems a little childish to me; moving on is a part of life, it is the definition of change. Without change we wouldn't grow, we wouldnt learn. Through the pain we go leaps and bounds.
Of course, thankfulness is not to be expected; those people were your friends for a reason, they influenced your life. It's just a process of growing up; maturing. It's a hard process. But maybe in a few years I'll run into you somewhere in NY and we will be able to get lunch without hurt feeling or nay expectations. Just lunch. A commemoration of the friendship that we used to have; a tribute to us in the past.

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