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Europian songs attack

Eurovison was always a very important dot on my calendar. Quality songs and outrageous performances were something to look forward to. In the last few years, this, unfortunately, changed. I remember some of the first Eurovison shows i watched - and either i was a very easily impressed child or the bar has gotten very low. After seeing who won this year i was urged to make a list of some the songs that might not have won, but definitely deserved it.

My favorite winner by far was year 2007 Serbia, Marija Serifovic - Molitva

Iceland in 2010 was not as fortunate as Serbia in 2007.  They only took 19th.

That same year the band i was rooting for took second. Not too bad, Turkish band Manga with our song We could be the same.

A year before that it was proved that the majority of Eurovision viewers dont care for the message the song sends. Israel didnt stand a chance. Awad, an Arab-Israeli, and Noa, a Jewish-Israeli, performed it together as a song that emphasises hope and understanding through common humanity. The singers describe "There Must Be Another Way" not as a song of peace, but as a simple call to respect the humanity of others. [Wikipedia]

Iceland always delivered a beautiful performance. In 2009 it took 2d. My be-lated congratulations on that.

But 2009 had a definite winner that i take my hat for. Alexyander wrote the song himself. Did i mention he's unbelievably cute? If you never heard this song..................i have no words for you.

of course, i couldnt list all songs. Each year has over 30 participants and many are still worth listening to. Even this year, like France. Even if your not a fan of opera.

I wish i could list at least 20 more songs, but that might be going a bit over board. Still, this should be a reminder everybody, including myself, that many great songs are forgotten. We can let that happen, can we?

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